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Ningbo Yongling Aviation (Machinery) Parts Co., Ltd., formerly known as Ningbo Yongling Aviation Parts Plant, was established in October 1985, with a registered capital of 15 million Yuan. It is a professional manufacturing company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of aerospace parts and components of a variety of models, metal connections of PTFE hose assemblies and irregular auto parts. With an existing fixed asset of 40 million Yuan, the company now possesses more than 260 employees, including more than 100 workers involved in the production and service of military products, of which there are more than 30 professional and technical personnel. The company’s plant covers an area of 13, 000 square meters, of which the workshop occupies an area of 18, 000 square meters.          

The company has been the supplier of military products "metal connections of PTFE hose assemblies" since 1985. It has been working together with Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. 52 Research Institute of Military Academy, Shanghai Institute of Plastics Research and other units and providing with aerospace sectors and military application with various metal connections of PTFE hose assemblies, which have been applied to various types of aircraft and various types of arrows, bombs, such as large military transport aircraft, early-warning aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, missiles, torpedoes and rocket. Having been used and validated and by the navy and army forces, the Second Artillery Corps and other military services for many years, the products proves to have reliable quality and provide timely service, and they have been highly recognized and praised by the military as the only unit for the production of military metal connections. With the continuous expanding of the military business in recent years, the company has established extensive cooperative relations with a number of plants of CNAH Group, and extended its product from the metal connections to the high-precision metal chassis; hence, the military production value has increased significantly. 

The company began to collaborate with Shanghai Volkswagen Gear Boxes Plant for the production of irregular parts in October 1990, and meanwhile made efforts to expand domestic trade channels. The company has been equipped with the major assembly pants, like Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Ford, Nissan, Great Wall Motor, and confronted with the main direct customers such as Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Kongsberg Europe (Sweden, France, Slovenia Dyck), Yantai Transmission Branch of SAIC, Liuzhou Transmission Branch of SAIC, Great Wall Motor, North America Kongsberg (Brazil, United States), and Asia KA (India and China). The company’s products have evolved from the initial simple processing of angular cams to high-precision processing of differential case. In order to meet production needs of auto products, the company sets up two precision casting branches: Ningbo Tianye Precision Casting Co. and Ningbo Aihong Qiumo Casting Co., Ltd..  

The company adheres to the principle of "scientific research, development, high quality and good reputation". It has long collaborated with related research institutions for the joint research and development of military aerospace products and auto products, and has been equipped with strong R & D capability. With the continuous development of new products, the company’s marketing capabilities continue to improve. Following the people-oriented concept of management, the company has invested a lot of financial and material resources in the education and training of internal staff, with a view to strengthening internal talent pool. Through the efforts these years, the company has cultivated and fostered a group of outstanding management personnel, process development personnel and production backbones. So far, the company has possessed three senior engineers, six engineers, 20 assistant engineers, two quality engineers, two senior technicians, five technicians, and over 40 artisans, and achieved the combination of old, young and middle-aged technical personnel, thus ensuring the stability and sustainability of the production technology.


In 2009, the company invested a lot of manpower, material resources in the establishment of a district-level engineering technology center. In recent years, through continuous improvement, the company has newly purchased metallurgical hardness tester, carbon and sulfur analyzer, import fluorescence detector, salt spray test machine, image tester, stretcher and other testing equipments and machining centers, senior milling, CNC lathes and other processing equipments. Currently, the company has possessed processing centers, CNC lathes, drilling, punching, CNC milling, general car and other equipment. It has also been quipped with all kinds of high-precision test equipments, such as CMM, video tester, universal tool-measuring microscope, length measurement, micro hardness tester, computer fluorescent magnetic detector, metallographic microscope, metal tensile stretcher, and cleanliness testing equipment. In recent years, the company has vigorously reformed production processes, eliminated inefficient production processes requiring a lot of labor, replaced human efforts with machines as far as possible, and promoted the automation of the production process with efforts. With the continued development and investment in recent years, the company has owned seven patents, including one patent, six utility model patents, and achieved the initial technical transformation and upgrading.

In November 2001 the company passed the German/American auto industry certification of VDA6.1/QS900 conducted by Rheinland Techonoly (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; in October 2010 the company passed the certification of TS16949, the updating version of quality management system, which is conducted by the German Rheinland Techonoly (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in November 2013 the company passed AS9100C--- site certification of commercial aircraft quality system. The certification and qualification examination has laid a solid foundation for the company's research and production of military products and its development of supporting auto parts products.

The company develops a corresponding development plan and the guiding ideology for development: adhere to sustainable development concept of standardized management, careful manufacturing, specialized production and quality priority. Meanwhile, it upholds the integrity of management, adheres to the principle of the development of military and civilian products, achieves "excellence of Yongling quality, satisfaction with Yongling products", takes the path of specialization, always enhances the overall strength of the company through management innovation, innovation stimulation process innovation, and always maintains a leading position in the domestic industry.

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