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Function and process analysis of shift fork of gearbox

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  Nowadays, many families have private cars. You should know that there are many spare parts of cars, among which the gearbox shift fork is an indispensable spare part of cars. Do you know the role of this kind of fork? How about its technology? Let's briefly analyze it below.

  1. Function

  The shift fork is used in the shift mechanism of the automobile gearbox. The shift fork head needs to be sleeved on the shift fork shaft, and the shift fork foot is clamped in the groove of the double change gear. When the automobile needs to change speed during driving, operate the shift lever, and the change control mechanism will drive the shift fork and the shift fork shaft to slide in the gearbox through the control groove of the shift fork head, and the shift fork foot will move the double change gear to slide on the spline to change the gear, So as to realize the change of speed.

Function and process analysis of shift fork of gearbox

  2. Process analysis

  When shifting gears, the shift fork needs to bear bending stress and impact load, so the strength, stiffness and toughness of the shift fork should be able to adapt to the working conditions. In order to realize the function of shift and speed change, the fork shaft should be matched with the speed change fork shaft, which requires that the machining accuracy should be met.

  The two ends of the fork foot need to bear the impact load during work. In order to enhance the wear resistance, the two ends of the fork foot should be subject to high-frequency quenching, with a hardness of 48-58hrc. The two ends of the shift fork head and the two ends of the fork foot should be cut.

gearbox shift fork

  In addition to the high accuracy requirements of the main machining surface, the machining accuracy of other surfaces of the gear shift fork of the gearbox is relatively low, so the machining requirements can be completed only through milling and rough machining of the drilling machine.

  The shift fork of the transmission has special shape and simple structure. It is a typical fork rod part. In order to realize the function of automobile shift, its processing technology should meet industry standards.

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