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What role does the aluminum forks of gearbox?

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  What role does the aluminum forks of gearbox? The function of the product is to allow the car to accelerate, decelerate or reverse by changing the combination of different proportions of transmission gears.It also changes the driving force of the car, which is used to change the moving parts from one speed to another.

  The fork is the part on the gearbox that is connected to the transmission handle, located at the lower end of the handle, and toggles the intermediate transmission wheel to change the input/output speed ratio.The fork is mainly used for clutch shift.

What role does the aluminum forks of gearbox?

  There are several forms of fork damage:

  1, the fork bending deformation;

  2, fork crack or fracture;

  3.The fork pin is damaged, the fork and the fork shaft fall off, etc.

  No matter what kind of situation is specialized, it will lead to the transmission hanging difficulty or not hanging up the gear, need to be repaired and replaced.

  Generally, the damage of the fork is that the groove at the top of the fork is grinded, the end face of the fork at the bottom of the fork is grinded thin or grinded into a groove,and the fork body at the bottom of the fork is bent and twisted.

aluminum forks of gearbox

  Aluminum forks of gearbox is a very important part of the vehicle.With the development of modern technology, the transmission has also been upgraded, from the original manual transmission to the present CVT transmission, from no synchronizer to with synchronizer, the control is more and more convenient.

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