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Gearbox shift block processing technology improvement scheme

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  Gearbox shift block is an important part of the car gearbox, do you know how the part is processed? How to improve the process plan?

  For a long time, this kind of parts in the processing, the general first processing of the inner hole, and the positioning surface often adopts vertical drilling machine for reaming, and then the use of lathe to flat positioning end face and orifice chamfering, and then pull the inner hole.

  For example, a manufacturer in the processing of the parts, the processing process is: reaming → car positioning surface and chamfering → hole drawing, which need to use the processing equipment to have 3, the need to use the operator of 3 people.

  In the process of hole reaming, car positioning surface and chamfering, due to the relatively long working hours, there are often insufficient capacity and overtime to catch up with the goods.

  The reaming process generally uses vertical drilling machine with ordinary twist drill, and then clamping the circular blank surface.

Gearbox shift block processing technology improvement scheme

  When processing, there is a phenomenon that the hole is larger and deviated. When the final process is outside the circular blank surface positioning clamping car positioning surface and chamfering, the clamping point is prone to deviation, resulting in errors in the positioning surface and the bottom hole of the car, which leads to the hole drawing process, the hole can not be completely pulled out.

  In view of the defects of this processing technology, technicians adopt CNC lathe to improve the process. Through the input of hydraulic tools and tools, the reaming for the car bottom hole, the car positioning surface and two end chamfer together to complete, in this way, only need a process, can complete the work of the original two processes.

  On the one hand, it improves the stability of the front bottom hole, on the other hand, it greatly improves the perpendicularity between the front bottom hole and the positioning surface, and solves the problem that the hole can not be processed.

  It can be known that the transmission shift guide block processing technology improvement, the process is: car bottom hole → flat end face and chamfering → hole.

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