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What are the design requirements for automotive balance connectors?

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  With the improvement of living standards, cars have become a common means of transportation for people to travel. Coupled with the rise of new energy vehicles in recent years, the demand for cars has increased, which has effectively driven the development of the automotive electronics industry, such as balanced connectors. It is a very common connecting element in automobiles. Do you know what are the design requirements for this balanced connector?

  I believe everyone knows that there are many components inside a complete car, and each component plays an important role.

  Now the components on every car are developing in the direction of intelligence, refinement and reliability, and the balanced connector on the car has put forward higher requirements for the design of the structure, the design of the appearance and the selection of materials .

What are the design requirements for automotive balance connectors?

  What are the design requirements for automotive balance connectors?

  According to the automobile performance standard, the production design of the balanced connector should meet the industry standard. The industry standard clearly indicates the performance standard of the connector, which directly stipulates that the contact surface of the balanced connector should always be maintained throughout the service cycle. reliable. It is usually required to meet the following requirements;

  1. The positive force remains stable.

  2. It has good robustness.

  3. The voltage and current of the circuit should be stable.

  4. The materials used in the connector contacts should be stable and reliable.

  5. Excellent heat resistance.

  6. The connection has a certain retention force.

  7. The balanced connector has sufficient insertion force.

  8. The temperature requirements are within the specified range, including the surrounding temperature and its own temperature rise. 9. It should be the same as the balanced connector used for high-speed long-distance communication computers.

  10. It can work reliably under specific environmental conditions.

balance connectors

  It can be known that the connector needs to meet the above requirements when designing.

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